Freitag, 17. Februar 2017

Why you should switch to Bamboo toothbrushes!

A few months ago I got my first bamboo toothbrush and I think you should all get one as well.
Here is why:
  • Plastic toothbrushes came onto the market in 1938 and since then every single tooth brush that got produced still exists somewhere on the planet.
  • Toothbrushes are made from a combination of plastic (which is made from crude oil), rubber for the hand piece and nylon for the bristles.
  • In addition to that they come in a packaging of plastic and cardboard.
  • For our dental hygiene we are advised to change our toothbrushes every three months. With an average life expectancy of 75 years each one of us will consume about 300 toothbrushes during our lifetime, about 12 pounds of plastic waste.
  • All over the world over 4.7 billon toothbrushes are produced annually that end up in the landfills or the environment.
Why if there is an alternative?
Bamboo India and other companies produce environment-friendly toothbrushes that will decompose along with your other household waste after you throw them.
Their handle is made of bamboo which is the fastest growing plant on the planet and grows in abundance in India.
  • During their life span bamboo produces considerably more oxygen and binds considerably more CO2 than hard wood trees.
  • Bamboo also doesn’t require any chemical fertilizer to grow which protects the soil and does not add any chemicals to the environment.
  • After harvesting, virtually every part of the plant is used to make a wide variety of products. From soil-enriching mulch to beautiful furniture to chopsticks, every part of the plant can be utilized.

All this makes bamboo an incredibly sustainable plant, which has the potential to save us and the environment from a lot of harm.
When you buy your Bamboo toothbrush check what the bristles are made of. Some companies use nylon 4. This is a special kind of nylon which is 100% biodegradable. Others use regular nylon which you should pluck of your toothbrush before you throw it into your composter.
Also bamboo is naturally antibacterial.
So many reasons to immediately switch to a sustainable eco-friendly dental hygiene. I have ordered mine from Bamboo India, which sends you your toothbrush also in 100% biodegradable packaging. (

One step towards a life without plastic waste is made! My next target is to find a way to produce my own tooth paste (powder) so I won’t have to purchase anymore tubes. If anyone has any experience on that please get in touch with me J I will start experimenting on that soon and update as soon as I find something to recommend.  

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  1. Thank you so much !!!

    Beautifully explained

  2. Thank you, that's something I didn't bother considering till now. Will contribute to the change...

  3. Never knew they existed. Will contribute by changing to bamboo asap

    Making natural toothpaste, check it out, Friederike

  5. Good Article, Rike.

    My Mother says earlier they used burnt and powdered Walnut shell, along with a pinch of salt as a tooth powder.


  6. Thanks for this information. Bamboo Toothbrush should be used by everyone. We will promote this product.

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  11. Bamboo brushes are huge contribution to avoid plastic waste on earth ..

    Thank u for the post.