Dienstag, 29. November 2016

„Many small people, in many small places, doing many small things can alter the face of the world.” (African proverb)

Wake up and do something!

Our planet is going down the drain and we are responsible for it. Forests and lakes are dying and people outside our bubble are suffering under the effects  of our lifestyle. Those are the bad realities we have to accept.
A few months ago an article circulated around the internet that predicted Bangalore to be unlivable in 5 years. Urban planning (or better the absence of that), politics and business interests can of course be blamed for that. But because blaming alone doesn’t solve any problems we must also look at our own role in that. And that is our lifestyle. It’s the garbage we produce and just throw out, the lazy convenience of driving even the shortest distances by car and avoiding public transport, the usage of chemicals in almost everything we consume. All the garbage and pollution we create and consume doesn’t go away. We have to realize that and stop creating it in such dimensions. That of course is something that is valid for all the places. It’s just that here in India we cannot even close our eyes from it, what should make the urgency of creating a sustainable lifestyle even more undeniable.

And the good thing is I do firmly believe that each of us can bring that change . The way I can do that is by starting to changing myself, my lifestyle and my so called default settings. If I do that step by step it won’t even feel like I’m sacrificing much of my lifestyle. No one says we have to stop shopping, eating and consuming what we like completely. Just look at ways to do it without harming your direct and indirect environment. You don’t need to be an expert, and inventor or scientist, you don’t need to be rich or famous, just look at yourself, your life and your circle of friends, families and neighbors.
If we all take those tiny steps one at a time, our own time, we will reach a lifestyle that will make us happier and healthier and leave behind a planet that future generations will be able to enjoy as well.
I have and will continue to find ways to make my life more sustainable and look for alternative products and options that will enable me to live a life without waste. I will share those with whoever wants to read it in the hope of giving you some ideas and making it easy to implement a sustainable lifestyle:) At the same time I hope to get ideas, comments and suggestions about the same as well.
I’m looking forward to altering the face of the world with you!

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